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Other Services

These are the optional services you will be able to dispose with housed in our Hotel. However, they are subject to availability and some have additional cost.

Los Rastrojos Restaurant

Restaurante Los RastrojosYou will be able to enjoy our specialties, as well as tasting the products of the land and the best wines of la Ribera del Duero.

From the richness of these lands they obtain some raw materials in order that, with the knowledge inherited of their people, come about prodigies like "el lechazo" and the wine.

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La Galinda Equestrian Center

Centro Ecuestre La Galinda Hotel Los Rastrojos, Aranda de Duero, EspañaTo only 5 minutes - walking from the Hotel - you can find La Galinda Equestrian Center, where we offer an unforgettable experience on Sundays, enjoy a ride on a horse and something more ...

Photo: La Galinda Equestrian Center (Click to enlarge)
Jose's contact phone: 690 211 060


Public Swimming Pools

La Calabaza Public Swimming Pools to 150m. from the Hotel, opened from June to September.


Hiking and Monuments

Iglesia de Santa María, Hotel Los Rastrojos, Aranda de Duero, EspañaIn La Ribera you will be able to breathe and feeling more of two thousand years of history, the great artistic patrimony of the zone transfers us to immemorial times. Enjoy the silence founded inside our churches and monasteries, dumb witnesses of the singular historic events that will make you feel an unique atmosphere.

Photo: Santa María's church (Click to enlarge)

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We offer the service of lodge for hunters.


Tennis and Paddle

Tenis Hotel Los Rastrojos, Aranda de Duero, España Paddle Hotel Los Rastrojos, Aranda de Duero, España

The tennis and paddle courts are at the service of our customers free under petition and subject to availability. In night-time schedule they have a feed of 3€ per hour.

Photos: Tennis and Paddle (Click to enlarge)

La Galinda Equestrian Center



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  • The Hotel +

    Single room
    Complimentary breakfast 40€
    Double room
    Complimentary breakfast 60€
    Prices with Included VAT
    From January to Marcha ask
    for promotions
  • Country House +

    Weekend 300€
    For other sojourns look up price.
    Prices with Included VAT
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